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その後ギターに転向し、現在は様々なアーティストと共演しながら、自身のプロジェクトYUE's BUMPING JAMでも精力的に活動中。
2015年、スコットランドのAnchorage RecordsよりCompilation Album『ELECTRIC GATHERING』
1st Album『Jungle's Traffic Jam』とギター教則
DVD 『​フレーズで実践!歌うようにアドリブ・ソロが弾けるペンタトニック・スケール活用法』が好評発売中。

Handmade Custom Electric Guitars UKのKanji Guitarsからストラトキャスタータイプのギターエンドースを受けたり、Busk In London(supported by London Mayor)のOfficial Performerとして登録され、様々なアーティストと共演したり、イベントやギターショーにて活動を広げている。

​・1st album『Jungle's Traffic Jam』


・安田レイ 木曜ドラマ劇場「美しき罠~残花繚乱~」主題歌『恋詩』

・今井麻美  映画「 コープスパーティー 」主題歌『BABYLON 〜before the daybreak』
Short Movie
・TOOWAⅡ『ENSEMBLE episode03 -either coarse or fine- trailer 』


Yue is a guitarist based in London originating from Japan.

In 2013 her award-winning project “ YUE’s Bumping Jam”  was awarded the “Godin Player’s Competition Special Award “ and was also featured in a Compilation Album produced by "Anchorage Records"(Scotland) in 2015.

In 2016 the Guitar company “Epiphone “awarded her the "Epiphone Artist" and since then she has become an official endorser for Epiphone.

In 2017 she moved to London.

In 2018 She become also Stratocaster guitar endorser of the UK handmade guitar company "Kanji Guitars". and she had registered as the official performer of Busk In London.


In 2019 She was on ERIKA's Europe tour(France, Germany, Holland, Prague, Belgium) and The She All Stars/There she goes roaming band function gigs. 

Supported Works: Yue has played guitar for many artists at venues throughout the world and for various TV shows. She has recorded songs for movies and  albums in Japan. Her career as an award winning guitarist has enabled her to perform in countries such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and London. She performed on cruise ship during 3 years in regular.

Her project works.
●2012  Magazine Player  January issue MOVE ON carrying.
(Music "bumpingjam")
●2013GodinPlayer'sCompetition special award winning a prize.
●2013  Magazine Player  September issue MOVE ON carrying.
●2014.10.15 1st single "Jungle's Traffic Jam" and 2nd single "Sonic Boom"
●2014 Music Video『Jungle's Traffic Jam』『Boscoglobe』『Breaktime』 Release

●2014.12.28 3rd,4th,5th Single『Boscoglobe』『Bird』『Breaktime』Release

●2015.4  6th,7th Single&MusicVideo『Transformation』『Savannah』 Release

●2015.8.  Anchorage Record's(Scotland) Compilation Album『ELECTRIC GATHERING』(『Jungle's Traffic Jam』)
●2016.2 "Epiphone" recognized "Epiphone Artist" formally in 2016 and guitar endorser.
●2016.10. 6th Music Video『freedom』Release
●2017.5.31 DVD ATOSS International 

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