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Online Skype/Zoom guitar lesson for Electric and Acoustic.

Please feel free to contact from “Contact” box in the below :)

Rock School Acoustic Guitar grade8(UK)

Rock School Electric Guitar grade8(UK)

ABRSM Music Theory grade8(UK)

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・60分レッスン £20, $27, ¥3000

・30分レッスン £15 ,$20, ¥1800



*24h Cancellation policy for the booked lesson.




【Online Skype guitar lesson】
《Electric, Acoustic guitar》
・60min lesson £20, $27, ¥3000
・30min lesson £15, $20, ¥1800

《in person visiting lesson》
London only.
90min lesson £40(inc transport fee if the location in Zone 1-3)

Please feel free to ask for details. Any genre, songs from CD, YouTube.

*24h Cancellation policy for the booked lesson.

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